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Teeth Whitening: The Good And The Bad

How much do you know about your options when it comes to making a good teeth whitening choice? Are you ready for a whiter smile, so you think choosing over-the-counter (also known as “OTC”) options will get you there the fastest? Or, maybe it’s best to choose professional whitening – but will it take too […]

2 Surprising Tips For Bad Breath

As you know, bad breath is a problem that can become quite difficult to overcome. Fortunately, good home care with daily brushing and flossing – and six-month preventive visits with us – usually keep your smile and breath in good shape. However, some sneaky culprits may result in your stinky situation. The good news is […]

Time To Brush Your … Tongue?

If you have long been part of arguments that debate whether or not you need to brush your tongue, the answer is in: You do! Before you become concerned about years of neglecting your tongue – or worried about the fact that you don’t like the sensation of tongue brushing – allowing us to provide […]