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Teeth Grinding Myths – Debunked!

Unfortunately, like other sleep disorders, teeth grinding (or bruxism) can be difficult to diagnose. For this reason, bruxism isn’t always caught. In some cases, the condition may dissipate – depending on the original cause (which will vary among individuals). However, in more severe cases, it could mean that you end up with a chipped or […]

Understanding Crown Lengthening

Have you ever thought your smile looked “gummy?” Maybe you haven’t heard the term before, but when your gum tissue covers significant portions of your tooth, it can feel like you’re smiling with your gums more than those pearly whites. Although it’s not always used for cosmetic reasons, the crown lengthening procedure does help to […]

Gum Disease And Your Heart Health

February is Heart Awareness Month – did you know that your oral health can impact the health of your heart? Recent studies have shown that gum disease can increase your risk for heart problems including heart attacks and heart disease. Experts believe that the bacteria getting into the bloodstream causes an inflammatory response throughout the […]