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shutterstock_148799804Unfortunately, many people face the traumatic experience that is adult tooth loss. Although it may be preventable in cases of infection – under certain circumstances, like facial injury, loss could be inevitable. While losing an adult tooth can be detrimental to your oral health over time, modern dentistry has made complete restoration easier than ever these days. With different options like bridges, dentures, and dental implants – there’s no doubt you’ll find a comfortable and natural-looking replacement. Your dentist will evaluate your medical history and oral health condition to help determine the best option for your individual situation.

The Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth often leaves a gaping hole in your smile, making many people self-conscious or ashamed to show their teeth. Unfortunately, the aesthetic appeal of your smile isn’t the only thing that suffers, though. Without anything taking the place of your lost tooth, the surrounding teeth may begin to shift towards the gap – misaligning your bite. Malocclusion can lead to many other dental complications in itself, but it’s not the end of the consequences that tooth loss can cause.

Over time, the absence of your tooth will begin to affect your overall oral health. In fact, maintaining the structure and strength of your jawbone actually depends on the roots of your teeth. Without them, the bone begins to deteriorate – losing density and decreasing in size. However, restorative dentistry has eliminated this concern by using dental implants as replacement teeth!

Restoring Your Teeth With Dental Implants

Whether you’re replacing one tooth or you need a full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants can help to restore your smile’s cosmetic appeal and complete function. Placed into your gum tissue, the titanium “root” of a dental implant is able to fuse directly with your jawbone because it’s a biocompatible material – providing additional strength and stability.

If you’re missing a tooth (or multiple teeth), the best way to begin restoring your smile is by making that dentist appointment!

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