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how and why you should stop snoringIt only happens while you sleep, but your penchant for snoring can affect several different aspects of your everyday life. If you snore loud enough to keep your partner awake at night, the tension can place a strain on your relationship, as well as deprive your sleeping partner of necessary rest. If you don’t stop snoring, then it may even interrupt your own sleep, either by causing you to wake up or by leading to obstructive sleep apnea—a disorder that repeatedly causes you to stop breathing in your sleep.

Snoring as a Health Issue

Snoring is often caused by oral tissues obstructing your airway, forcing you to work harder to breathe and making the walls of your throat vibrate violently. Despite being highly obtrusive, snoring isn’t often considered a serious health issue by those who experience it.

However, because of the airway blockage, chronic snoring can lower the amount of oxygen your body receives, which can increase your risk of most cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke.

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, describes extreme cases of airway blockage that result in a complete cessation of your breathing. The problem with OSA is that it can cause your mind to panic from the lack of oxygen and wake your body to start breathing, but the disturbance will not typically wake you from consciousness.

How to Stop Snoring

You can increase your chances of not snoring by taking steps to prevent mild to moderate airway blockage, such as;

  • Sleeping on your side or stomach, instead of your back.
  • Use a nasal strip to keep your nasal passages open.
  • Take an antihistamine if your sinuses are stuffy.
  • Avoid sleep aids, which can cause your oral tissues to over-relax and collapse into your airway.
  • Wear a doctor-prescribed sleepguard to position your jaws more comfortably and keep your airway open.


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