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how dental implants replace lost teethDid you know that teeth’s roots are among the main reasons why healthy teeth are so strong? While traditional bridges and dentures can restore your ability to bite, chew, and smile confidently, they can’t accurately mimic your natural teeth without the support of root-like anchors.

Dental implants provide the solution by restoring lost teeth’s roots and supporting crowns, bridges, and dentures with lifelike stability. By replacing the entire structure of a lost tooth, implant-supported restorations provide the most realistic options for rebuilding a smile with one or more missing teeth.

Replacing Lost Teeth Roots

Dental implants consist of three sections, including a small, root-like post that is inserted into the empty area of your jawbone. The titanium posts are biocompatible, and your jawbone fuses to them as it heals. One or more implant posts can be used, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost and what type of restoration you are receiving (i.e., dental crown, bridge, partial denture, or complete denture).

In addition to supporting your replacement teeth, implants also help preserve the health of your jawbone. Without a full set of teeth roots, your jawbone receives fewer nutrients due to a lack of stimulation. Placing implants after tooth loss restores root stimulation within the jawbone to promote a healthier flow of nutrients and sustain the bone’s strength and integrity.

Restoring Lost Tooth Crowns

Once an appropriate number of implant posts are placed and your jawbone has healed, your dentist will attach connective abutments to secure your restoration to the posts. If you’ve only lost a single tooth, then a single implant can support a dental crown to replace it. If you’ve lost several, most, or all of your teeth, then your dentist may recommend a bridge, partial denture, or complete denture supported by a series of two or more implant posts.


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