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tips to prevent gum diseaseIf you’ve ever needed treatment for gum disease, then you may already know the dangers that it can pose to your oral health and the importance of controlling it. The most well-known method of preventing gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for periodic professional maintenance. Unfortunately, many patients develop gum disease even when they believe that their oral hygiene is flawless. If you remain vigilant, you can spot the early signs and seek appropriate treatment. To help you protect your smile from the devastating consequences of unchecked gum disease, we offer a few tips to effectively prevent gum disease and detect it if it develops.

Fight Gum Disease Effectively

  • Harmful oral bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in a lack of oxygen. Saliva, which consists almost entirely of water, is your mouth’s natural defense mechanism to wash away and neutralize these microbes. Choose water instead of soda and more often than juice to promote a healthy flow of saliva. Swishing water around in your mouth for a moment or two immediately after eating can also help neutralize bacteria-produced acid that leads to tooth decay.
  • Though you may already know this, it’s important enough to always warrant a mention when discussing your oral health; be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, every day, especially before going to sleep. Gum disease is caused by accumulating oral bacteria, which are the source of sticky dental plaque. Removing plaque from your teeth and gum line is a major principle of daily oral hygiene and helps keep your mouth’s bacterial population under control.
  • If you smoke or chew tobacco, or consume excessive amounts of alcohol, then your risk of gum disease is significantly higher than it should be (although gum disease isn’t the most serious health risk associated either bad habit). For the sake of your oral and systemic health, refrain from tobacco use and inordinate amounts of alcohol consumption.
  • You can’t see the bacteria responsible for gum disease’s development, but you can spot the signs of gum disease’s warning stage, gingivitis. As mouth germs irritate and infect your gums, they lead to redness, swelling, and bleeding, though these signs are often overlooked because they don’t cause physical discomfort. If you notice blood mixed in with your saliva and toothpaste when brushing your teeth, then visit us as soon as possible for a thorough examination.


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