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Tooth Sensitivity: 3 Simple Suggestions

Is your smile nice and healthy but you still find that you deal with tooth sensitivity? Nobody enjoys the sudden “zing” that comes with a sensitive tooth or smile. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer with this feeling on a daily basis any longer. Do yourself a big favor and browse through a few simple suggestions […]

Fast Facts About Periodontal Disease

When you learn about periodontal disease, you find out that it’s something that can become chronic. You also discover that it’s something you can treat and clear if you catch it early enough. As a result, you may find yourself wondering the best way to prevent the issue, how to detect it if it should […]

Dental Bonding: Bunches of Benefits

Do you know much about the many benefits that come with dental bonding? First, let’s review what bonding does for your smile: When we bond your tooth, we use something called composite (a synthetic acrylic material). Once we customize the color of the composite, we apply it to the target area, shape it, dry it, […]