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Dry Mouth: 3 Surprising Tips

Are you waking up in the morning with the sensation that you have a mouth full of cotton? Maybe you notice throughout the day that everything feels a bit parched and a bit sticky in there. If so, you may be suffering from an oral health issue called dry mouth. This is what occurs when […]

Good-For-Your-Smile Travel Size Items

When’s the last time you spent some time gazing into the baskets in your local drugstore’s travel-size item aisle? If it’s been a while, you might not realize how many good-for-your-smile products are sitting over there just waiting for you to take a look. First, understand that we suggest patients keep a collection of smaller dental […]

What Should I Do If My Filling Falls Out?

Among the more shocking experiences you might have with your teeth is the sudden realization that your dental filling is no longer whole. Perhaps it falls out or a portion of it breaks away. In any case, you can experience a bit of sensitivity and may worry about what to do next. Rest easy: Getting your […]