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quizblueHow well informed are you regarding the difference between porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers? If the one thing you know for certain is that they are both composed of porcelain (but that’s about where your knowledge ends), we encourage you to brush up on the details. To be able to officially declare yourself somewhat of an expert (or to pick up those missing facts), we invite you to make your way through our brief quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Porcelain crowns and veneers are essentially the exact same thing – a crown is just much thicker than a veneer. Whether you choose one or the other is up to you.
  2. True or False: If you are dealing with serious discoloration, we will always suggest crowns in case the backs of your teeth are stained.
  3. True or False: We will provide a porcelain crown only for cosmetic concerns, never for restorative care.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. The primary difference between porcelain crowns and veneers is the fact that a crown covers an entire tooth, while a veneer only covers the visible tissue that shows when a patient smiles. We will carefully guide you toward a solution that is in line with your smile needs.
  2. False. We will generally suggest veneers for severe discoloration unless other esthetic or oral health issues are occurring. Covering the visible part of your smile with veneers is sufficient for a beautiful transformation.
  3. False. Crowns are most often necessary for restorative improvements – for these repairs, we usually suggest porcelain because it looks beautiful and lifelike, while fixing your oral health problem.


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