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3magentaIs your smile nice and healthy but you still find that you deal with tooth sensitivity? Nobody enjoys the sudden “zing” that comes with a sensitive tooth or smile. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer with this feeling on a daily basis any longer. Do yourself a big favor and browse through a few simple suggestions we offer to help you enjoy a smile that remains comfortable.

Suggestion #1: Don’t Brush So Hard

The onset of your tooth sensitivity may be the result of your Hulk-like brushing. Take a breather and reset your ideas about how you should be brushing your teeth. You don’t need to brush aggressively to get the job done well. To the contrary, making soft strokes and addressing every tooth is what you should do – it protects your teeth from damage and sensitivity.

Suggestion #2: Ease Up With The Crunchy Stuff

It’s possible that you are aggravating your teeth because you’re placing too much pressure on them while eating! Remember – excessive pressure is never a good thing (which is why disorders like bruxism require immediate care). If you’ve been going overboard with hard, crunchy foods (or even snacking on ice), take a step back. You can limit tooth sensitivity by eating foods that are easier to chew.

Suggestion #3: Try Products For Sensitivity

Push your usual toothpaste and dental floss aside and check out some products that are formulated for use on sensitive teeth. The goal is to create less irritation and to calm the nerves in your teeth, so your smile feels good.


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