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3sparkleYou know the basics of how heredity works, which means that your parents pass along certain traits and other factors to you as a result of genetics. While eye color and hair color are obvious, there are certain aspects of your life that you might not have ever considered were closely linked to your parents. Some come down the line thanks to nature as we have discussed and others as the result of nurture. Let’s consider a few ways mom and dad might play a role in your oral health!

#1: Your Dental Hygiene Habits

Think back to the first time anyone ever brushed your teeth or to the first time you brushed your own teeth. Can’t remember that far back? While you probably don’t remember the very earliest moments of your oral health care, your parent was likely there doing it for you and then showing you the ropes. As a result, your habits may be quite close to those of your mom or dad. These might be excellent or might need some sprucing up. Ask about your approach, so we can steer you toward success.

#2: Your Gum Disease

Regardless of the contributing details that make you more likely to become affected by gum disease, the care you provide your teeth and gums will always be the primary reason you experience (or avoid) periodontal issues. However, it is important to note that your tendency to experience gingivitis (and beyond) may in fact be linked to genetics.

#3: Your Feelings About Professional Dental Care

Do you feel positive about oral health care and coming in for a visit? Do you dismiss it? Does it make you anxious? In many cases, you adopt the attitude that your parent displayed growing up. If you don’t feel confident about care but would like to, we invite you to come in for a consultation to discuss the best ways we can approach your personalized care.


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