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questionmarkswhiteWhat you may know from speaking with us or visiting our website is that we offer a variety of dental sedation options, including the use of oral sedation. While your overall reaction to this news might be favorable, there may be a part of you that would like to ask some questions about this type of treatment before you feel prepared to go ahead and choose select it. We encourage you to feel comfortable asking us any question you may have when you’re at our practice next. At the moment, we aim to help you feel more confident by offering answers to common questions.

Questions and Answers: Sedation

Question: How do you administer oral sedation? Is this something that is going to require some kind of injection?

Answer: We provide you with this type of treatment through the use of a pill (that you will swallow). No needles or injections are required. If you dislike injections, the oral form of anesthesia might be wonderful choice for your needs.

Question: What type of medicine is oral sedation? Will it make me feel sleepy?

Answer: It is a medication that will relax you and address any anxiety you experience in response to dental care. In general, we provide patients with one of a variety of common pills, including Ativan or Valium, among others. You will feel a bit sleepy but you will not go to sleep.

Question: I know people who have received oral sedation and claim they slept through the treatment. Why is this?

Answer: This type of sedation will not cause you to become unconscious. However, it may result in what we refer to as an amnesic effect. This means that though you are awake and experiencing your visit, you just might forget a portion of (or all of) the appointment. As a result, it may seem as though you fell asleep.


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