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3 Reasons To Schedule A Visit

Have you ever stared at your phone, debating if you should go ahead and call us? If so, recognize that you are not the first patient who has ever felt a bit on the fence regarding whether a dental visit is a good idea (or if perhaps it’s unnecessary). The fortunate detail in this instance is that […]

Common Questions: Oral Sedation

What you may know from speaking with us or visiting our website is that we offer a variety of dental sedation options, including the use of oral sedation. While your overall reaction to this news might be favorable, there may be a part of you that would like to ask some questions about this type of treatment […]

2 Reasons To Stop Rushing

When you think about your personal approach to dental hygiene, what’s it look like? Is it a tornado of activity that takes place as you try to get through the experience as quickly as possible? Or, do you take your time, paying attention every step of the way? If it’s the first option, you might […]