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Q&AbuttonredWhen you wake up in the morning with an uncomfortable sore in your mouth, you may immediately wonder (and worry) about what’s going on. Is something seriously wrong? Do you need treatment? Did you do something that caused this to happen? Before you allow yourself to become overly concerned, we strongly encourage you to check out the details. It might just be a canker sore! Let’s review a few questions and answers to see if that’s just what it is.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I identify a canker sore? What if I have trouble matching up the symptoms with a particular issue? Should I just wait until it heals?

Answer: It will have a shallow form with a white center and a red outer ring. This type of sore often hurts when touched (so avoid it!). If you cannot match up the symptoms or if the sore doesn’t begin healing within 48 hours, schedule a dental visit with our team.

Question: I’m worried about how I got the canker sore and whether I can give it to someone else. Is it contagious?

Answer: There isn’t a definitive answer regarding why they develop. However, you can rest easy: They are not contagious.

Question: Do I need to come in to see you at some point if I have a canker sore?

Answer: These usually heal all by themselves. However, if it isn’t going away, if it’s extremely painful, or if they keep showing up on a regular basis, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us.


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