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q&achalkThe moment you feel you’re getting grasp on general dentistry, you may discover that the world of specialized dental care shows up and turns your understanding upside down! Before you feel completely overwhelmed by the new terminology, rest easy. You’ll become familiar in no time. For the moment, we would like to share some of those “-dontist” terms you’ve been wondering about, so you know just what’s what when it comes to your comprehensive dental options.

Questions and Answers: Specialized Care

Question: When we discussed my options for achieving a straighter smile, the term “orthodontist” was brought up. What type of dental care does an orthodontist provide?

Answer: This is someone who practices orthodontics, a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on aligning your teeth, so you enjoy a straight smile. Care may include the use of braces and other appliances to shift your teeth into a straight, organized fashion.

Question: What is a prosthodontist? Is this something that most people need at some point or another?

Answer: Like all specialized fields of dental care, you may only require prosthodontics if you lose a tooth. Tooth loss can occur accidentally or it may happen due to oral illness. Significant damage without complete loss can occur as a result of these factors, as well. Whatever the case, your prosthodontist is a person who specializes in replacing lost tissue and entire teeth, thereby completing your smile with the use of artificial tissue.

Question: What does a periodontist do?

Answer: A periodontist is someone who practices periodontics. This field of dental care addresses all of those tissues that provide a framework for your teeth, such as your gum tissue, your ligaments, and even bone tissue.


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