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Fast Facts: Can Antibiotics Stain My Teeth?  

Have you been considering using long-term antibiotics to treat acne? Have you recently been prescribed antibiotics for a health concern? If so, you may feel uncertain about how to proceed if you’ve heard rumors about antibiotics and the potential for discolored smiles. Like most instances with the human body, the answers aren’t black-and-white. Instead, some […]

When You Want Bonding (But Need Something Else)

Sometimes you think you need dental bonding because of the problems with your teeth. Common esthetic damage or concerns that crop up, causing you to think bonding is the best idea, may include a tooth that is too short, a tooth with a chip in it, or teeth with small spaces between them. The good […]

Q&A: Is It Okay To Eat Pumpkins?

It’s pumpkin time, ladies and gentlemen, which means you may soon find yourself face to face with some delicious meals and desserts (and also a lot of questions). To find out whether the sole ingredient in creating the perfect Jack-o-lantern is a safe for your oral health, we suggest you begin with our question and […]