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XredWe are generally full of recommendations for the things you should do for your oral health and the best way to use dental care to your advantage. However, we also have a wealth of suggestions to offer our patients regarding things to avoid as a means of protecting their smiles. Take a few into consideration!

Dental Picks (For Day-To-Day Use)

You know the ones! It looks like a plastic toothpick on one end and the other end includes a cupped C-shape with a piece of stretched dental floss. While these are certainly helpful when you’re at a restaurant and need to quickly remove food from between your teeth, these are not ideal for day-to-day use. They can cause damage when used too frequently. They will also drag bacteria and debris throughout your mouth if you use one pick for a full flossing session.

OTC Treatments

If you see something that seems like it can replace a professional dental care treatment, ignore it. You cannot get safe (or similar) results for your smile and oral health by choosing an over-the-counter treatment. Want a whiter smile, straighter teeth, improved gum health, filled cavity, or otherwise? Call us.

DIY Clear Braces

You might find yourself on a site that tells you how easy and inexpensive (and effective) it can be for you to make your own clear aligner trays at home. Unfortunately, if you aren’t coming in for professional dental care and orthodontic treatment, you are placing your smile in serious danger. Skip the allure of DIY options and come in for a consultation.


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