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questioncloudsWhen you discover that there really is a way to replace your tooth (your entire tooth, that is), you likely feel the exhilaration you expect. However, your immediate on-top-of-the-world feeling is something that might be followed by a more hesitant and withdrawn mood. The idea of a dental implant sounds good but will the reality prove helpful, effective, and appropriate for your personal tooth replacement needs? Allow us to help you regain some of that excitement with a Q&A session.

Q&A: Implants

Question: Can I replace multiple teeth at once with dental implants?

Answer: Yes! You have some options. You may either replace all of your missing teeth individually with single implants. Or, you may replace all of your missing teeth with just a handful of implants. Instead of restoring each implant with a single crown, we will restore the implants with a prosthetic that replaces multiple teeth at one time (such as a denture).

Question: Is a dental implant something I can receive as long as my oral health is in pretty good shape?

Answer: In general, the answer is yes. Even if you have some oral health concerns, we can often prepare your mouth for implants with some careful planning. Whether you require restorative care or something like bone grafting first, implants are often an option.

Question: Is a dental implant really as stable as I keep hearing?

Answer: Yes. This is because of its support system. An implant does not rely on the support of surrounding tissues but those deeper tissues of your smile. The post will bond with your jawbone, where it receives similar support to that provided to your original natural roots.


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