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Teeth Whitening: Who, What, Where…?

Is there a part of you that has always felt that the advantages of teeth whitening are out there in the world for the benefit of others (but not necessarily for you)? Does it seem like something so exciting and exceptional that you’re not really sure how to access this cosmetic care option, whether you […]

Preventive Care: Review Quiz

When is the last time you walked your way through the benefits of preventive care and how it can help you with your smile? You know instinctually by now, of course, that it is going to help you keep your smile healthy. However, you might have glossed over or forgotten some of the details. To […]

Q&A: Can You Tell If I’m Brushing And Flossing?

Just like Santa can tell if you’ve been “bad or good,” our team can tell if you’ve been brushing and flossing (or if you haven’t). With us, however, you certainly won’t miss out on any presents that we only give to our good patients (we consider all of our patients to be “good patients” even […]