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qawhatwhoIt’s pumpkin time, ladies and gentlemen, which means you may soon find yourself face to face with some delicious meals and desserts (and also a lot of questions). To find out whether the sole ingredient in creating the perfect Jack-o-lantern is a safe for your oral health, we suggest you begin with our question and answer session!

Questions and Answers: Autumn Treats

Question: Is it beneficial for my teeth for me to eat pumpkin?

Answer: If you’re eating pumpkin (not a pumpkin dessert) or pumpkin seeds, you are, in fact, doing something great for your oral health. In addition to a high fiber content among other nutrients, you can expect a hefty serving of magnesium and zinc, which promote strong (and healthy) teeth.

Question: There are a lot of dishes around during fall that are primarily composed of pumpkin (like pumpkin pie). Is this good for my teeth or bad for my teeth?

Answer: It’s a mix. For instance, when you eat pumpkin pie, if it’s made with natural pumpkin you are still absorbing the vitamins and minerals that can benefit your teeth. However, you will likely also be coating your teeth with sugars. In this case, just remember to rinse and brush after you eat.

Question: If something says that it’s pumpkin flavored or contains pumpkin, does that mean that it’s good for my oral health?

Answer: No. Just because something tastes like pumpkin or happens to have a little bit of pumpkin in it doesn’t mean that it’s going to benefit your teeth and gums. We encourage you to focus on avoiding sugary, carb-heavy foods when possible (or remember to brush after you indulge).


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