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whowhatwherearrowsIs there a part of you that has always felt that the advantages of teeth whitening are out there in the world for the benefit of others (but not necessarily for you)? Does it seem like something so exciting and exceptional that you’re not really sure how to access this cosmetic care option, whether you would qualify for treatment, or how it really works? Fortunately, taking the uncertainty out of whitening is something we can easily do for you. Ready? We’ve got all the answers you need.

Who Is It For?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is for anyone (older than 16 or so) who wishes to whiten natural teeth (that have mild to moderate stains). It is not for patients who want to lighten artificial tissue or whose staining is intrinsic (or deep within teeth tissue).

What Is It?

Whitening is a cosmetic treatment through which we apply a safe bleaching gel to your teeth. The gel’s ingredients will penetrate your teeth (which are porous), leading to an oxygenation process that essentially breaks apart the stains in the outermost layer of your tooth. As a result, your teeth are left whiter.

Where Does It Occur?

We provide you with teeth whitening in our practice. Or, we will send you home with a kit that you can use according to your own schedule.

When Can I Receive It?

You can choose to receive teeth whitening as soon as you feel you are ready to whiten your smile. The only potential obstacle: Your smile must be in good health to receive teeth whitening. If it isn’t, you need restorative dentistry first and then the whitening.

Why Should I Choose It?

You should choose it if you wish to feel more confident about your smile and your overall appearance, if you are tired of the stains, if you feel your discolored smile is holding you back, and if you want the appearance of your smile to reflect its level of health.


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