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womanwhySometimes you think you need dental bonding because of the problems with your teeth. Common esthetic damage or concerns that crop up, causing you to think bonding is the best idea, may include a tooth that is too short, a tooth with a chip in it, or teeth with small spaces between them. The good news is that you are noticing the things you dislike about your smile with great detail, so you know what you want to fix. However, it may turn out that you need something other than bonding to achieve that marked improvement you want. No problem! Even if bonding isn’t right, we can help. Learn more.

It’s A Break, Not A Chip

You might look at your tooth and think to yourself that the missing tissue you’re looking at is something we can fix with dental bonding. However, in the event that the “chip” is actually a broken tooth, you will quickly discover that cosmetic care simply will not suffice. Good news, though. We will suggest an alternative option to repair your tooth. In most instances, we will recommend the placement of a dental crown with a lifelike finish that will restore your tooth’s structure, while ensuring your smile stays safe.

You Have Serious Misalignment Needs

What you see as some “spaces” between teeth might actually equate to legitimate misalignment. This means that your smile does not just present a couple gaps but a problem with the way your teeth are laid out within your smile. Rather than recommend dental bonding to fill the spaces so it looks like your teeth touch, we might suggest that you receive orthodontic treatment to actually align your teeth and close the gaps.


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