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whycardslightsHave you noticed that it seems like your back teeth are suddenly shorter than the teeth in the front of your mouth? Maybe you used to be able to fit your teeth together almost perfectly when you’d close them together but now it seems like something is getting in the way. When you begin noticing these types of oral health changes, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit with us. For right now, allow us to give you some idea about why these sorts of uneven sensations may be occurring.

It Could Be Erosion

The surfaces of your teeth can become worn due to a variety of causes. Maybe you suffer from bruxism and you have worn down your teeth by grinding and clenching. This can significantly change the way your teeth fit together. Fortunately, we can treat this oral health concern before such damage occurs (or we can repair the problem).

It Could Be Old Dental Work

Is your dental work quite old? If so, you may be dealing with fillings, dental crowns, or other restorations that are not quite fitting the way they used to. In this case, you will sense the shift. To address the problem, we will replace your restorations with new ones.

It Could Be Misalignment

Your teeth can shift out of place. Sometimes this occurs due to oral health disease like periodontal problems. Sometimes it’s the result of tooth loss. To improve your smile, we will examine you and offer treatment (which will generally consist of one or multiple restorative treatments and possibly a suggestion for orthodontic care).


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