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reviewIt can be extremely easy to fall into a bad habit or two even when you think you’re on top of your game and trying your hardest. Instead of leaving you to wonder if your dental hygiene is at its best right now (or if you need to change up a few aspects of your usual routine), we have all of the information you need for a quick review to keep your grin in great shape.

Brushing For Two Minutes?

If you are brushing your smile according to the suggestions we mention for effective dental hygiene, it’s taking you two minutes. If you’re brushing for any amount of time shy of the two minute mark, you need to make your sessions last longer.

Brushing Twice?

If you are brushing your smile two times a day, good job! You’re doing just what we suggest. If you’re brushing more frequently, that’s just fine. If you’re brushing fewer times than twice a day, you’ve got to get that number up for effective care.

Brushing With A Clean Toothbrush?

If your toothbrush is clean, it’s been rinsed with water after use, you have allowed it to air dry between uses, and it is no older than four months.

Brushing With Soft Bristles?

You will hear this dental hygiene suggestion time and time again because it’s very important. If you are brushing with soft bristles and a light approach, you’re doing the right thing. If not, run out and purchase a new brush and remember to go easy on the brushing.


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