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womancoveringmouthblondelobIf you’re dealing with bad breath, we are certainly just the people you need to see. It’s important to remember that if your efforts at home are failing you, there may be something requiring professional care causing the unwelcome scent of your breath. Or, you might be overlooking a simple home care factor that’s leading to yucky smelling breath. Whatever the case, we suggest you come see us, so we can quickly help you resolve the problem.

Check Your Dental Hygiene

Your brushing and flossing can play a major role in the freshness of your breath. If you have bad breath, it could be as simple as the result of brushing and flossing that isn’t sufficient. The moment bacteria have the chance to accumulate, a foul smelling mouth may be on the horizon. Make sure that your daily routine includes brushing (in the morning and then again before bed) and once-a-day flossing.

Ask Yourself: When Was Your Last Visit?

If you haven’t come in recently for your dental cleaning, there’s a chance that your smile isn’t as clean as you think it is. Dental hygiene that you perform is important in preventing all manner of issues, including bad breath. However, it’s not the only factor in keeping your smile clean and healthy. You need cleanings, too, for a smile as free of plaque and tartar as possible.

Consider Other Factors

Other issues can come into play when you experience bad breath. Old dental work, decayed teeth, infection, dry mouth (sometimes the result of certain medications), and other variables can cause your breath to become unpleasant. We can identify the culprit during your visit and offer a solution.


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