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qatalkbubblesWhen you choose to eat sugary foods, you’re always placing your oral health at risk just a little bit (or a lot) depending on your approach. Since most patients choose to seek out ways to enjoy sugar in moderation instead of going completely sugar free, we like to offer our help regarding the best ways to do so. For instance, while you might think that eating small pieces of candy throughout the day is the safest option, it’s actually better to eat candy in one sitting. Let us help you make it through October 31st with a protected smile by providing a helpful session of Q’s and A’s.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is there a smart way to go about eating candy on Halloween, so my oral health doesn’t suffer?

Answer: Of course! If you are planning on indulging, we encourage you to eat your candy with your meals. Drink water, as well. This is a safer way to keep excess sugar from remaining on your teeth.

Question: What if I like to eat a lot of candy on Halloween, so the idea of eating a few pieces with meals isn’t really my usual approach?

Answer: If you like to sit down and dedicate some time to indulging in your Halloween candy favorites, then plan on rinsing your mouth after you eat the candy (which we suggest you do for dedicated moments, rather than over the course of the day). After you rinse, let around 30 minutes pass and then brush your teeth.

Question: Are all Halloween candies equally dangerous for my oral health?

Answer: Not exactly. Anything with sugar in it has the potential to promote decay. However, candies that are very hard (that you must suck on for long periods of time) and sticky candies are the worst culprits because your teeth remain exposed to sugar for the greatest amount of time as a result of eating them.


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