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womanwonderingredHave you often felt perfectly fine about scheduling a restorative treatment for yourself but it’s the recovery period that causes you to pause? Fortunately, the time required of you to rest and heal is surprisingly brief after a procedure like an extraction or filling. It’s important to remember that times vary from person to person and that good care influences the speed with which you recover.

With Dental Implants

The recovery after dental implant placement is a bit more complex than what happens with other restorative treatments. The good news is that you will generally be able to begin eating again (though you may need to rely on softer foods in the beginning) within a few days. After approximately two weeks, your smile should be up to par. However, your bone and implants will continue a fusion process called osseointegration over the course of several months, leading to your full recovery.

With Root Canal Treatment

Fortunately, after a root canal treatment, you can expect only a few days of discomfort and the need to avoid the area. This restorative treatment ends with the full restoration of your tooth (a dental crown is placed), so once any swelling or discomfort disappears, you may use your tooth as usual for chewing, speaking, etc.

With A Dental Extraction

In addition to resting after this restorative treatment, you will need to avoid contact with the removal site for around three days or so. The full length of complete recovery until you’re healed takes around one to two weeks.

With A Filling

In general, once your filling is complete and you can feel your tissues again (the local anesthetic has gone away), you may go ahead and use your tooth! This means that you will need to wait only several hours until you are free to go about your day as usual again, no lengthy recovery process necessary.


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