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toothrootslightThe moment you learn we suggest you receive root canal therapy, your mind may quickly become flooded with questions. Is this something that you really need (and why)? What is it going to feel like (good hopefully)? Of course, you may also be curious about what’s going to become of your tooth after the treatment is complete. We are here to run down the list of these essential questions with some helpful, reassuring answers.

Questions and Answers: Root Canal

Question: Why have you decided I need root canal therapy?

Answer: When your dental pulp is infected or once it becomes inflamed, it is time to remove it. This is because this soft tissue (which provides the inner lining for your roots and tooth) won’t repair itself. Instead, it will become worse, leading to serious oral health complications. The root canal treatment will remove the tissue and save your tooth.

Question: I definitely want to protect my smile and my oral health but I’m somewhat terrified about the root canal therapy. Is it going to hurt?

Answer: It will not feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, you can take extreme comfort in the fact that your tissues will be numb, thanks to local anesthetic. We also offer sedation dentistry for additional numbing and relaxation.

Question: What’s my tooth going to be like once the treatment is complete?

Answer: Your tooth will be resealed at the roots and filled. In most instances, it will also become safely housed beneath a beautiful dental crown, resulting in the full restoration (and esthetic improvement) of your previously unhealthy tooth.


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