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sleepapneacouple2Are you someone who has known for quite a long time that you’re a heavy snorer but you didn’t realize that you were suffering from sleep apnea? Since you’re still feeling the same even after your diagnosis, you might not feel as motivated as we’d like about beginning sleep apnea treatment. If the day-to-day exhaustion isn’t causing you to practically run to our practice to address this issue, we encourage you to become better acquainted with the potential severity of this sleep problem.

It Can Threaten Your Life

You need to consider the fact that there are symptoms that will occur with sleep apnea. They can become very bothersome. Fortunately, they will subside with sleep apnea treatment. Then, there are the long-term, life-threatening health hazards associated with your sleep disorder. Symptoms are the side effects that let you know something is wrong (like fatigue, mood swings, feeling like you cannot focus, and feeling irritable). Health hazards are the problems that can affect your wellbeing if you ignore treatment suggestions (like problems with the health of your liver, heart problems, issues with hypertension, and more).

It Can Ruin Relationships

Losing a relationship with a friend or loved one due to avoiding sleep apnea treatment is certainly something that you might think of as impossible. However, it’s important to recognize that your sleeping problem is severe and it can negatively impact the people around you. For example, a significant other who shares your bed will experience your symptoms, too, if you’re disrupting his or her sleep. Colleagues, friends, and loved ones may find it difficult to be around you because you cannot focus, you’re lethargic, and you’re moody. Avoid such complications by treating the problem and reclaiming your life.


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