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tipshelpfulWhen it comes to flossing your smile, you might think to yourself that this is the most straightforward dental hygiene step ever. What’s there to learn? How could there be any tips that would make a difference in the results? While you may have always assumed that just quickly moving the floss up and down between your teeth is all it takes, there’s actually a bit of finesse and strategy that comes with successful flossing. Fortunately for you, we are more than happy to share the details!

Tip #1: Check Your Technique

The “up and down” method with dental floss isn’t going to help you remove the amount of plaque and food debris you should be removing. Instead, you need to be relying on bending the floss. This is easier than it sounds. Start with the floss between two teeth and just beneath your gum tissue as usual. However, instead of just moving it up and down, bend it around the side edge of your tooth and apply light pressure. Pull the floss up, keeping it in contact with the tooth tissue. Repeat along every edge of every tooth throughout your mouth.

Tip #2: Admit It If You Don’t Like Your Floss

Don’t try to convince yourself that it isn’t absolutely essential that you like the floss you’re using. Instead, give it up immediately if something about it bothers you. Then, move on by trying a new flavor, a new type of floss, a new feature, or switching between waxed and unwaxed. It will help a lot during dental hygiene sessions.

Tip #3: Unwind, Rewind

If you’re winding your floss around your index fingers and it’s ruining your dental hygiene experience, you’ll have more success by unwinding and rewinding. Instead, wind the floss around your thumbs and middle fingers, leaving your index fingers out of it. You can then press the floss and direct it with your pointers for an easier, more comfortable time.


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