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Holiday Season Suggestions

You will notice that the further along we make it into the holiday season, the more the exciting, the good, and the marvelous becomes slightly tinged with the things we try not to worry about. For example, it’s so enjoyable to eat holiday-themed goodies (but extra sugar means a greater chance of cavities). A chill in […]

Oral Health Q&A: Can Problems Age Me?

Have you been wondering if problems with your oral health can age your face? Perhaps you’ve been wondering if they can essentially age your mouth, as well. The answer, in short, is “yes.” As for those particular details you’re wondering about, we encourage you to try out our Q&A session. We can help get to […]

Q and A About Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re concerned about what a beating your teeth might take during the holidays, let’s begin with Thanksgiving. In a couple of days many families will be feasting on their version of Thanksgiving dinner. So, besides raw, crispy veggies, is there going to be any teeth-friendly foods at your table?