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womanwonderingblazerYou may hear quite frequently that coming in for your dental checkup affords you the ability to have us detect tooth decay early on in development. However, you may discover that upon some deep thinking about this, you are glad that this is a possibility but you’re just a bit curious about how we do this and why it’s so significant. Take a moment to learn more about a special instrument called Diagnodent and what you can expect from your checkups.

Diagnodent: The Basics

This technology is a handheld laser. The light utilized is fluorescent, allowing us to illuminate your tooth to see what’s happening on the surface and beneath. This is particularly helpful in helping identify tooth decay that is within your teeth that we cannot see on our own and early decay that we cannot detect with X-rays. We will simply incorporate this technology into your dental checkups. We scan your teeth, reading the digital findings that detect softened or demineralized tooth tissue.

The Major Benefits Of This Technology

We can detect tooth decay in very early stages, which saves you discomfort, time, and money. Consider the following additional major benefits:

  • Diagnodent laser is a noninvasive way for us to find out what’s going on with your tooth long before other forms of technology can help
  • This optimizes the effectiveness of your twice-annual dental checkups
  • You have access to more treatment solutions when we discover cavities very early on in development
  • The laser quickly and comfortably scans your teeth
  • It may reduce your need for frequent X-ray imaging


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