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womanquestionhandHow solid would you say your education has become regarding the different areas of dental care we provide? If you have spent time at our practice or looking through our website, you know that our offerings are comprehensive in nature. However, if you have not been delving more deeply into specific fields of dentistry, you may wonder about the purpose of each and when each might become relevant to your needs. We are happy to help you sort out the introductory details with a question and answer session.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is the main goal of dental care to help me avoid cavities and gingivitis?

Answer: Not exactly. This is certainly one of the main goals of care, however it isn’t the only focus. Instead, our care addresses the comprehensive needs of your oral health, which include optimizing both hygiene and function.

Question: How does cosmetic care help my smile? Will it make it healthier in any way or is this strictly a method of making my smile look more pleasing?

Answer: Cosmetic dental care will not improve your oral health. In fact, we generally do not provide it until your smile health is already fully restored. Cosmetic dentistry solely improves esthetics, nothing else.

Question: When do I transition from requiring preventive care to needing restorative dental care?

Answer: Actually, you will always require preventive care, even when you need restorations. Prevention is a daily requirement for a healthy smile. As for the need for restorations, this comes about when your smile is in need of some kind of repair (this may be to address physical problems like breaks or cracks, to address illness like decay or infection, or to replace teeth that are missing).


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