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holidaysceneYou will notice that the further along we make it into the holiday season, the more the exciting, the good, and the marvelous becomes slightly tinged with the things we try not to worry about. For example, it’s so enjoyable to eat holiday-themed goodies (but extra sugar means a greater chance of cavities). A chill in the air and snow is so much fun (but along with the cold weather arrives the common cold and the flu). Fortunately, we have some simple dental hygiene suggestions to help keep this merry time of year cozy and bright!

Invest In…Gum!

You might find yourself in all manner of situations in which you wish you had your toothbrush and toothpaste and floss (but you don’t). From office parties and family gatherings to a sudden urge to stop for hot chocolate, you will find your teeth coated in carbs and sugar more often. We suggest that you keep sugarless gum around (or that you make a quick pit stop to pick some up when you need to). Chew it for about 20 minutes after a meal, snack, or dessert to protect your teeth and gums.

Keep Your Fingers Out Of Your Mouth

Yes, of course, you will need to place your fingers in your mouth when you floss (for this dental hygiene essential, we suggest you wash your hands first). Aside from that, it’s best to avoid biting your nails, eating with your fingers, and otherwise. Right in the middle of flu season, it’s just an easy preventive measure to remember.

Don’t Give Yourself Brushing Excuses

Don’t give into the holiday excuses that will steer you away from your usual dental hygiene! Sure you might have eaten just one cookie, you might feel a little under the weather, or you might have exhausted yourself with holiday shopping. However, your brushing and flossing are completely essential for keeping your smile healthy.


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