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turkey-and-cranIf you’re concerned about what a beating your teeth might take during the holidays, let’s begin with Thanksgiving. In a couple of days many families will be feasting on their version of Thanksgiving dinner. So, besides raw, crispy veggies, is there going to be any teeth-friendly foods at your table?

Q and A:

Q: Turkey meat gets stuck in my teeth! Should I avoid eating it?

A: No need to avoid enjoying turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday. Turkey is packed with protein so it is good for you. If the meat gets stuck in your teeth, make sure you floss after the meal.

Q: I love cranberry sauce, but it is so sticky and sweet. Should I avoid eating it?

A: Cranberries are good for you because they are filled with nutrients, including vitamins E, C and K, as well as fiber. However, because of the added sugar, the sticky texture, its acidity, as well as its penchant to stain your teeth, we suggest eating cranberry sauce with your meal, rather than solo.

Q: We love to candy our yams. Perhaps not this year?

A: Candied yams are a Thanksgiving tradition, and they are actually a tooth-friendly food. Yams are rich in Vitamins C and A, both which help keep your gums healthy.

Q: Do I have to give up pumpkin pie?

A: No. Pumpkin is a tooth-friendly food because it contains Vitamin A, which, as stated above, helps keep your gums healthy. However, sugar is added to pumpkin pie. The secret here is to eat it shortly after the meal. This helps keep your saliva flowing which helps clean your teeth of sugars and food debris.

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