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qatalkbubblesWhen you become invested in your oral health, you will find that you spend a surprising amount of time learning all about dental hygiene products, different professional dental services, and the best way to approach caring for your smile. At the end of the day, you will find you’ve practically become a veritable expert on all things related to promoting healthy teeth and gums. However, you may occasionally come across a stone you have left unturned, some detail that has eluded you! If that seemingly simple detail includes which toothpaste to buy, rest assured, this is a common mishap (and we are ready to offer helpful information). Try our Q’s and A’s for guidance.

Questions and Answers: Toothpaste

Question: What do I do if I’m using an effective toothpaste but I just don’t like it? Should I try to get used to it, since I haven’t been having any oral health problems?

Answer: Of course not! You have a lot of options for effective toothpaste choices. Take a look at what you’re using and look for another brand, consistency, or flavor that you like and that offers the same features and main ingredients.

Question: Is there a way to shop for toothpaste so I know I’m going home with a product that’s going to help me keep my smile as free of plaque as possible?

Answer: Yes. When it comes to oral health concerns regarding the efficacy of a product, you can trust the American Dental Association (ADA). Find the ADA Seal of Acceptance and you know it’s been tested.

Question: Should I use toothpaste that has fluoride in it or toothpaste that does not contain it?

Answer: You should always use toothpaste with fluoride to offer yourself the best oral health protection. It’s an integral part of protecting you from tooth decay.


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