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whyblockWhen you are ready to replace missing teeth, you might find yourself feeling a bit frantic. After all, the sooner you can complete your smile, the sooner you regain your function. Spending even a day in anticipation of a tooth replacement solution can make you feel antsy. While we understand your desire for us to hand you anything at all that will fix the problem, there are multiple reasons that a planning and customizing process are essential. (Hint: Rest assured, it doesn’t take very long from start to finish!).

Your Smile Is Unique

Have you ever thought about the unique qualities of your smile? Perhaps you don’t usually look around, staring closely at others’ teeth, gums, and their overall bites. Much like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two smiles are identical. This means that the shape, dimensions, and appearance of your smile are unlike anyone else’s. In order to provide you with a tooth replacement solution that fits you physically and esthetically, we need to plan down to the pigment and every last millimeter.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Smile

Perhaps you have seen a person in your life and immediately thought to yourself, “Those are artificial teeth.” This is not something that has to occur. Instead, thanks to advanced technology in dental care, we can craft beautiful tooth replacement solutions for you that look natural, as though they are your original teeth. Consider the benefits of a well-fitting, visually genuine tooth replacement:

  • You will not have problems with slippage or stability, so you can eat and speak without fear or embarrassment.
  • You will not feel embarrassed by your smile, nor will your smile age you. Instead, you can regain your natural appearance with a smile that complements your features.


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