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jawpainblueThe onset of a toothache is certainly something that can strike fear and concern into even the strongest of individuals! While your tooth is certainly quite small, it’s a very important part of your daily life. It allows you to chew your food, to laugh and smile, and even to form your words! Associated discomfort can also bring a surprising amount of distraction to your life. So, why is it happening, you may wonder? And what on earth can you do to return to your previous state of comfort? Not to worry. We are here to protect your smile and offer help.

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

The reason for a toothache may be attributed to a surprisingly long of list of issues. You might have hit your tooth with your fork or the edge of a drinking glass. You might have a cavity. The tooth could be infected. You might be dealing with sinus pressure that makes your tooth feel uncomfortable. You may be dealing with multiple toothaches because of bruxism. Or TMJ disorder. You see what we’re getting at here: There are a lot of possibilities. Fortunately, a dental checkup will help.

What Should I Do Now?

As we mentioned, it’s time to come in for dental care. We will start by scheduling a dental checkup, so we can thoroughly consider all aspects of your toothache. We will look at your smile, take digital X-rays, and talk with you about what’s going on. Then, with a precise diagnosis in hand, we can either let you know that it was mild irritation or we will offer an effective treatment to fix your tooth and return you to a comfortable smile.


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