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When you feel like your dental care is all over the place, the best spot to begin is with your organization. If you’re someone who feels like organizing things is certainly not your strong suit, don’t worry: There’s not a lot to this. It’s simply a new way of looking at your smile care and getting things lined out, so you’re on top of your oral health game instead of dealing with chaos! Consider our suggestions, so the New Year is a bright one.

Write Everything Down

You have some options when it comes to recording everything. However, a common problem among patients is forgetting visits and forgetting details. The easy solution is to write things down. How to make this happen? Try one or more of the following:

  • Begin a notepad or notebook that is dedicated strictly to your dental care.
  • Start using a planner and mark down your visits.
  • Keep a special note in your phone that you may add to (this is a good place for writing down suggestions and answers we provide for you).

Plan Your Visits In Advance

When you wait until the last minute to schedule your filling, root canal, teeth whitening, or preventive visit, etc., you may end up feeling frantic. You may also miss deadlines, end up with additional problems, and feel frustrated. Avoid such concerns by scheduling in advance, so you can easily plan around it, cancel other activities, and keep your dental care in check. (Then, of course, save the dates and times by recording them as we previously suggested).


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