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3platebrickThe moment you notice you have puffy gums, do you automatically assume you must be suffering from gum disease? Are you under the impression that this is a problem that affects everyone equally? Maybe you just assume it cannot happen to you. To help you understand problems with periodontal health just a little bit more (and hopefully to remove any confusion), we offer some important facts.

Fact #1: Puffiness Is Not Always Periodontal Disease

If your gum tissue looks puffy, it can certainly be a huge warning sign that you need immediate care because gum disease is affecting your smile. Or, you may have simply irritated your gums. Then again, if puffiness is always an issue, this might be a cosmetic concern including too much gum tissue. In any case, schedule a visit.

Fact #2: Some Are More Prone Than Others

Some patients are more prone to gum disease than others because of simple genetics. Some patients become more prone to gingivitis at certain moments in their life as the result of hormone shifts (like puberty, pregnancy, etc.). As a result, consistent preventive visits with us are essential since many variables come into play.

Fact #3: It Can Still Happen To Anyone

Even if your hormones are quite consistent or you are not genetically predisposed to gum disease, it can still happen to you. As a result, the utmost in consistent care at home (with brushing and flossing) and with us (dental exams and dental cleanings) are necessary for all patients.


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