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If you or a loved one have been putting off dental checkups or needed dental work out of fear it will be uncomfortable, it’s time to learn more about dental sedation. We want you to be informed on the dental sedation option in our office. You might already know sedation basics, but we are happy to answer your questions, no matter how unusual or unique. You can make 2017 the year you become informed on some of the unique questions we hear about dental sedation.

Q 1: Will I Spill Secrets With Laughing Gas?

A 1: Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is the lightest form of dental sedation. Generally people feel relaxed and full of goodwill. Some people feel sleepy. You will be awake and able to talk but it is highly unlikely we would ask you about sensitive subjects, or that you feel  compelled to share secrets. Nitrous oxide is not a “truth serum” and will not make you tell the truth. Nitrous oxide is very helpful for patients who experience dental anxiety.

Q 2: Will I Get Hooked on an Oral Sedative?

We will carefully go over your health history if we are recommending oral sedation before a procedure. While some pain relievers have potential for misuse, the short-term dosage we will prescribe does not have addictive potential for most people. If there is reason for concern in a specific situation (perhaps a drug sensitivity, or a previous history of abuse) we will suggest an alternative.

Q 3: Could I Wake Up in the Middle of the Procedure?

We carefully monitor you at all points when we are administering a sedative. With nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedation, or combinations of sedations, a highly trained member of our office staff will be monitoring sedation levels. We can increase and decrease the amount of sedation being delivered to be sure you do not “wake up” too soon, or remain sedated longer than necessary.


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