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When you discover as you sit in our chair that you need a dental filling, a lot of thoughts might cross your mind. At the core of these thoughts, you may experience disbelief: You doubt you have a cavity, you doubt that a filling is necessary, and you might doubt that you need this treatment now. To help you gain some clarity regarding why you really do need this restorative care solution (and why time is of the essence), we would like to respond to some of those common concerns.

“But My Teeth Feel Fine!”

You may have left your house on your way to your preventive visit with us feeling fine. Your teeth felt great and looked wonderful, so learning that you need a dental filling was a shock. Here’s what you need to realize: In its infancy, decay often provides you with zero signs that it’s present. However, we can detect it with advanced technology. Treating it early makes for a quick repair.

“Maybe The Cavity Will Go Away!”

You might fool yourself into thinking that if you just go home and brush and floss like a champion that you won’t need a dental filling anymore. Unfortunately, once tooth decay begins, it will continue to worsen (instead of reversing). Treat the problem immediately, so you can avoid bigger, uncomfortable cavities.

“It’s Just A Small Cavity Right Now!”

Indeed, cavities start off very small. What you don’t realize is that minor decay can flourish into a big cavity, an infection, and more when you ignore it. Choose a dental filling immediately to protect yourself from future problems.


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