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When you know something isn’t right with your smile at the moment but you have a hard time verbalizing what’s wrong, it’s best to start with the obvious factors. If you can quickly respond with information like, “My gums seem to be further away,” or, “My teeth look longer,” you might be dealing with gum recession. We are more than happy to help you understand this issue and to help you feel better with the knowledge that there is treatment. Get a head start with quick details (but come in for a visit with us, so we may provide you the dental care you need).

Gum Recession Happens Due To Different Issues

Your receding gums are doing so in response to some sort of trauma in most instances. For some patients, the trauma is something that you overlook on a daily basis: You are brushing way too hard. You should be brushing very gently. For other patients, the issue may stem from gum disease, which begins with inflammation and leads to gum recession (as well as further disease and damage).

Yes, We Offer Treatment Options

When you come in for a visit to meet with us about your gum recession, you can rest assured that there are options for fixing your gum concerns. If you are dealing with gum disease, you will require periodontal care. If you need help fixing your dental care at home, we can steer you in the right direction. As for damage, once we have your recession under control, we can repair the esthetics of your gums with cosmetic care.


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