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wintertreesDo you have mixed feelings about winter? Do you love all of the coziness it inspires but you greatly dislike what it does to your oral health? If issues like the sensation of cotton mouth, cracked lips, and more visit you every year when it gets chilly outside, we have some helpful suggestions for you.

Apply Balm Generously (And Frequently)

The best way to keep your lips hydrated when wintertime weather is taking every last bit of moisture from your skin is to replenish the moisture with lip products. Stick with hydrating balms, creams, daytime treatment, nighttime treatment, and include SPF in your daily care when you can. Remember that applying balm after you wash your face, after a shower, before bed, and first thing in the morning is always a good idea.

Watch For Dry Mouth

An oral health issue that might crop up throughout the wintertime is dry mouth. This is not necessarily just because the climate becomes drier but because you run your heat (which takes moisture away), you may spend more time mouth breathing if you catch a cold, and you might forget to drink enough water since you’re not feeling hot. What to do? Contact us if you cannot solve the problem on your own.

Let Us Know About Changes

If you notice that you end up with a sore that doesn’t go away, you’re having trouble with your chapped lips (you can’t seem to fix it on your own), or anything else concerning, come in! We will examine your oral health and offer a solution.

Cover Up When Outdoors

Use a scarf, pull your turtleneck up, or shop for a cozy snood. Whatever it takes, protecting your smile from the elements can really make a difference.


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