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I Have Bad Breath: Can You Help?

If you’re dealing with bad breath, we are certainly just the people you need to see. It’s important to remember that if your efforts at home are failing you, there may be something requiring professional care causing the unwelcome scent of your breath. Or, you might be overlooking a simple home care factor that’s leading […]

What Causes Bad Breath?

Persistent bad breath – medically known as halitosis – doesn’t form from a food that you ate. What causes bad breath? There are actually several different factors that can contribute to halitosis. For example, dry mouth is often accompanied by an odor. But, on the other hand, it could also be a sign of something […]

Tackling the Worst Bad Breath Issues

There’s no denying that bad breath can change your impression of someone. In terms of relationships, halitosis can even be a deal breaker. Children are sometimes the best (most honest) gauges of bad breath. If you are a parent, or have close contact with a niece or nephew, you may have had them look you […]