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Can I Treat Gum Disease at Home?

Before you read any farther, let’s answer the titular question: yes and no. Yes, you can effectively treat very mild gum disease, also known as gingivitis, solely through homecare methods and lifestyle modification. No, you cannot treat moderate to severe gum disease effectively solely at home and should instead think about homecare as a complement […]

How Bacteria Cause Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath is fairly normal upon waking in the morning. Chronic bad breath (halitosis), however, can be disturbing, offensive, and downright annoying. While halitosis can stem from a number of causes, including some serious health conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia, or diabetes, an estimated 85% of halitosis cases originate within the mouth. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. […]

Tips for Dealing with Bad Breath

It’s only natural to feel self-conscious about bad breath. Whether you’re in a long term relationship, or you are dating, when you get close to someone, halitosis is a sure way to give off a bad impression. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, fields questions regarding chronic bad breath issues in her office all the time. […]