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Bruxism: What’s It Feel Like?

The bad news with bruxism is that patients don’t always recognize themselves clenching or grinding their teeth. This is often simply because the majority of the habit occurs during sleep. The good news is that even if nobody calls you out on this behavior, you may be able to figure out that you need treatment […]

Why Do We Grind Our Teeth?

Grinding or clenching your teeth (medically known as bruxism) can occur in anyone – from children to seniors. However, most children often grow out of the habit before it raises concern – we can’t say the same for some adults. While most adults will still only grind or clench their teeth temporarily, there are some cases […]

Teeth Grinding Myths – Debunked!

Unfortunately, like other sleep disorders, teeth grinding (or bruxism) can be difficult to diagnose. For this reason, bruxism isn’t always caught. In some cases, the condition may dissipate – depending on the original cause (which will vary among individuals). However, in more severe cases, it could mean that you end up with a chipped or […]