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Diagnodent: What Is It And How Does It Help?

You may hear quite frequently that coming in for your dental checkup affords you the ability to have us detect tooth decay early on in development. However, you may discover that upon some deep thinking about this, you are glad that this is a possibility but you’re just a bit curious about how we do […]

Tooth Decay Quiz: Is It A Big Problem?

You know that one of the most frequently mentioned concerns in the field of dental care is preventing tooth decay. However, whether that’s because it’s quite easy to prevent (it is) or because it can lead to serious problems (it can) may be something you’re not too sure about. The great news is that understanding […]

How You Can Prevent Cavities

If you’ve ever had a cavity, there’s a good chance that a toothache alerted you to its existence. Tooth decay, the cause of the small holes in your teeth called cavities, directly affects your tooth’s structure, and is a leading cause of tooth discomfort. However, as a progressive disease, tooth decay begins long before the […]