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Teeth Whitening: 3 Things Patients Want To Know

When we talk with our patients about teeth whitening, we certainly hear a long list of diverse questions (all of which we are, of course, happy to answer). What we notice, however, is that there are some concerns we hear over and over, which seem to be quite common to just about anyone who is […]

Smile Gifts To Give Yourself This Season

Are you occasionally guilty of placing something under the tree for yourself and marking the to/from tag with “Love, Santa?” Don’t worry! Our lips are sealed. If you are, in fact, considering doing something nice for the beauty of your grin or your oral health this season, you couldn’t have come to a better place […]

General Questions About Dental Care

How solid would you say your education has become regarding the different areas of dental care we provide? If you have spent time at our practice or looking through our website, you know that our offerings are comprehensive in nature. However, if you have not been delving more deeply into specific fields of dentistry, you […]