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When You Want Bonding (But Need Something Else)

Sometimes you think you need dental bonding because of the problems with your teeth. Common esthetic damage or concerns that crop up, causing you to think bonding is the best idea, may include a tooth that is too short, a tooth with a chip in it, or teeth with small spaces between them. The good […]

Dental Bonding: Bunches of Benefits

Do you know much about the many benefits that come with dental bonding? First, let’s review what bonding does for your smile: When we bond your tooth, we use something called composite (a synthetic acrylic material). Once we customize the color of the composite, we apply it to the target area, shape it, dry it, […]

Q&A: Dental Bonding

Are you considering making changes to your smile and you think that the benefits of dental bonding will help you reach the finish line? If so, all of your confidence in those advantages may not be enough to satisfy your need for essential knowledge. Before you agree to the treatment, we suggest that you schedule a […]